Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Grant Recipient 2022

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, a historic landmark built in 1842 in the village of Middleburg, has long served as a spiritual home for its community. Over the decades, the church expanded to accommodate both a donated organ and a growing congregation. Among its architectural features are ten tall, clear glass Gothic windows, installed in the 19th century and notable for their distinctive wavy glass panes.  

During the pandemic, it came to light that these historical windows were in urgent need of restoration due to rotting frames and deteriorating glazing. The search for expert help led us to Epiphany Studios in Middletown, VA, renowned for their specialization in the restoration of antique windows. Their impressive portfolio includes work for numerous churches and even the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.  

Epiphany Studios undertakes a meticulous process of restoration. They carefully remove two windows at a time, transporting them to their studio where they disassemble each window, replace any damaged or rotten wood, and substitute broken panes with antique glass sourced from old homes. This detailed restoration process typically spans three to five months for each pair of windows.  

The Virts Miller Foundation has graciously provided support for the restoration of a key window on the east side of the church. Upon completion of the project, each window will feature a plaque acknowledging the donor who funded its restoration, ensuring that the generosity that helped preserve this historic edifice is remembered for generations to come.