Lovettsville Historical Society 

 Grant Recipient 2022

The Lovettsville Historical Society is thrilled to announce a significant development in our ongoing efforts to enhance and preserve our community’s rich history. Through the generous support of the Virts-Miller Foundation, we have engaged the esteemed Atar Design Group to spearhead an ambitious expansion project for the Lovettsville Museum. 


Our dedicated Society officials have actively collaborated with the design team, participating in numerous meetings and discussions to bring this vision to life. The proposed expansion will add approximately 500 square feet of additional display and programming space, seamlessly integrating the Museum into the Lovettsville Municipal Complex. This integration will not only enhance the visitor experience but also strengthen the Museum’s role as a cultural cornerstone within our community. 


One of the most exciting aspects of this project is the reconfiguration of the Museum’s main entrance. The new entrance will be relocated to the rear of the existing building, opening onto a beautifully designed courtyard that faces the Town Council Chamber and the new Municipal Administration Building. This strategic move is designed to create a more welcoming and accessible space for visitors and to better connect the Museum with the surrounding civic infrastructure. 


Both the Historical Society and Town officials are eagerly anticipating the positive impact this expansion will have on our community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Virts-Miller Foundation for their unwavering support and commitment to preserving Lovettsville’s heritage. This expansion project represents a significant milestone in our mission to celebrate and share the rich history of Lovettsville with future generations.