Grant Recipient 2022

The year 2023 marked a dynamic and significant period for Mosaic Virginia, as we expanded our operations to include two clinics and served more clients than ever before. This growth necessitated the development and implementation of comprehensive policies, procedures, and programs for Mosaic House, alongside active recruitment efforts for staffing, while we also sought necessary approvals from the Town of Leesburg.  

Renovation efforts for our existing space commenced, although progress was slower than anticipated. Initially, we collaborated with another architect but ultimately needed to explore additional options. After engaging with several architects and discussing numerous proposals, we were introduced to Wylie. Despite producing promising sketches and ideas, the initial cost estimates provided by a general contractor were substantially over our budget, prompting our board to consider the possibility of relocating to a new space better suited to our evolving needs.  

After thorough deliberation, we decided to proceed with the renovation of our current location. We revisited the planning stage with Wylie, refining our requirements and expectations to align with a revised budget. This process led to new plans, which were recently discussed with both Wylie and the general contractor. Although Wylie’s completed drawings are expected in six weeks—a longer timeframe than ideal due to staffing limitations—we are now finalizing the details of the construction schedule. The contractor estimates completion by mid-summer, though experience suggests a more realistic timeline might be late summer.  

Throughout these developments, we have been committed to thorough due diligence and are now prepared to move forward confidently. We plan to provide a comprehensive update once final plans and schedules are confirmed, and will continue to keep you informed with regular updates thereafter. The allocated funds, including a foundational gift and a matching contribution, are strictly reserved for this renovation. To date, we have incurred architectural fees totaling $670.  

Everyone at Mosaic is eagerly anticipating the completion of our new space, particularly looking forward to the enhanced privacy and comfort that will come with improved soundproofing.