Building The Future Together

Community is more than geography, it encompasses heritage, shared values, and a sense of belonging that binds us together.

In Loudoun County, creating opportunity in our thriving tech corridor and flourishing agrotourism industries drives our passion for innovation and community enrichment.

The people of Loudoun County have always looked to the future with a sense of possibility. At the same time, we recognize that economic and social progress has not benefited everyone equally — this sense of responsibility to the community propels the Virts Miller Foundation’s philanthropic endeavors.

Sharon Virts and Scott Miller sincerely believe that investing time and treasure into community efforts can create a ripple effect of inspiration and empowerment — a cycle of prosperity that benefits us all.


Latest News

Virts Miller Foundation Announces Award Of $100,000 In Competitive Grants

The Virts Miller Foundation has awarded $100,000 to thirteen local nonprofits as part of the Foundation’s first competitive grant program.

“Our family has been fortunate to have achieved success through our past business endeavors, affording us the opportunity to give back to our community,”

Virts Miller Foundation Announces Competitive Grant Program

The Virts Miller Foundation announces the launch of an annual competitive grant program and its Request for Letters of Interest from the non-profit community. In addition to its directed grants program, the Foundation intends to issue over $100,000 in competitive grants to area non-profits this year through a two-phased process.

Scott Miller and Sharon Virts Launch Wine Brand Dedicated to Greater Good

Amlés Wines is a brand tied indelibly to history, master craftsmanship, the wild creative, and the gift of opportunity dedicated to the greater good — all of which combine for a truly memorable set of signature wines destined for discerning wine lovers and collectors year after year.