The Family One

Grant Recipient 2022

The Family One warmly extends its deepest gratitude to the Virts Miller Foundation for their significant and generous support of our Arts program. Their contribution has not only enabled access to diverse artistic mediums—including charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, canvas, clay, and colored pencils—but has also played a crucial role in nurturing the creativity and artistic skills of the children in our community.  

Thanks to the Virts Miller Foundation’s support, we provided the necessary materials and secured space at the Douglass Community Center, where the program was hosted two days a week for a nine-week period. This initiative culminated in our first-ever Artist Exhibit at the Dulles Town Center Mall, an event that showcased the remarkable talents of our young artists. The Foundation’s funding also ensured dedicated staff support, creating a supportive and enriching environment that encouraged every child to express and develop their artistic abilities.  

We are thrilled to announce that, as a result of this fruitful collaboration, we will soon be launching a new program to further expand our reach and deepen our impact on the youth of Loudoun County. We sincerely thank the Virts Miller Foundation for their commitment to the artistic growth and creative journey of our community’s children. Your investment has laid a strong foundation for their success and has significantly contributed to the cultural enrichment of our community.